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Papillon Chocolate Making Academy was started in 2011 with the intention to familiar people with the world of chocolate. Chocolate is having immense potential to bring the world under one roof. It got great acceptance from all human being. Chocolate is a thing which able to connect people with people. Chocolate is having a history more than 200 years. it is also known as FOOD OF GOD.

Chocolate is a thing which satisfy the soul of every creature on this planet. It is also work as a medicine which reduce the depression, control the blood pressure level and make people happy.

Papillon Chocolate Company was started in 2011 by The Founder Prasad More . Initially the company was started in only 200.sq.ft. area. At Kolhapur. Now it having its expanded plant in more than 2000 sq.ft. area at Pune. Company Products are having huge acceptance from people and having its own distribution network.

Papillon Chocolate Company is having more than 10 Years of experience in chocolate Manufacturing and Trading. It is well Known for its product quality, Innovative Product Range, Innovative Packaging style and Taste.


As we Know that human being like to live in society. As keep this thought in mind the founder of papillon company think to give people best what we have. We believe in work together grow together. By this thought process we start a chocolate making academy.


  • Highly qualified trainer which having more than 10 years of experience in chocolate industry
  • A founder having strong industrial relation so student can easily get the supplier and can deal with them.
  • Giving full knowledge about chocolate making techniques and machines used for it.
  • Life time consulting.
  • Giving information about various projects in chocolate industry.
  • Teach to make Innovative and various variety of chocolate.
  • Natural Organic Material
  • Variety of Chocolates
  • Highly Qualified Trainer


  • There is difference between industrial chocolate manufacturing techniques and procedure and homemade chocolate making techniques and procedure.
  • Other academy focuses more on teach you homemade kind of chocolate & focus more on to sale their products and machinery. But in papillon chocolate academy we give training on industrial basis. Our intention is to create entrepreneur.
  • Other academy gives you limited knowledge of machines and not reveal its mechanism. But in Papillon Chocolate Academy we reveal you the techniques and mechanism used for machines.
  • Other academy focus to buy machines only from them. But here in Papillon Chocolate Academy we enable students to purchase the machines where they want to purchase from.
  • In other academy once the training is over they forgot you. But in Papillon Chocolate Academy we give you Life time consulting service.
  • Other academy not assists you in project setup but we assists you in project set up as per your financial requirement.


  1. Introduction of Chocolate and Cocoa Beans
  2. Chocolate Making Techniques
  3. Introduction of Machines and Technology
  4. Difference between Industrial chocolate manufacturing and homemade chocolate making.
  5. Manufacturing of Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate , Semi dark chocolate and other.
  6. Introduction of various kinds of chocolate moulds and its types
  7. Chocolate Molding and Demolding techniques.
  8. Learn to make various kinds of fillings
  9. Chocolate Center filling techniques.
  10. Chocolate paste making
  11. Technique of controlling the sweetness and bitterness of chocolate
  12. Introduction of preservative and techniques of maintaining shelf life of product.
  13. What to do and what not to do.
  14. Information about FSSAI licensing method and there rules.
  15. Introduction of supplier and Marketing techniques.
  16. Commercial and corporate packaging
  17. Machine and Hand packing techniques
  18. Gift packaging
  19. Information on How to Find a Distributor and Corporate Customer
  20. Truffle Chocolate
  21. Caramel Chocolate
  22. Crunch Chocolate
  23. Fruit and Nuts Chocolate
  24. Pan Chocolate
  25. Liquor Chocolate [ Chocolate filled with wine ,whisky,rum,vodka etc.]
  26. Transportation Techniques
  27. Branding Techniques and Brand Development
  28. Chocolate Painting and Decoration ( use various coloros for chocolate red ,green etc./ colored chocolate)
  29. Cost Calculation
  30. Discussion on innovative ideas
  31. Lots of practice Sessions


  • For Small Scale Manufacturing Project Training duration is 20 days
  • For Large Scale Manufacturing Project Training duration is 3 Month

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